This Photo Gallery is divided into old and new pictures. The first gallery will show you antique pictures of nonyas, bibiks and families dating from the late 1850's to the 1940's. The modern day Gallery will consist of color photos dating from the 1950's till the present day. The below photos were submited to us by various persons, families and from other sources. We regret to inform you that if your picture shows up here and you do not like it for any reason, we cannot do anything about it as this is a public domain. No rules rules are enshrined in public domains. Due to this all the individuals in the photos you see and those who submit photos to us are kept anonymous. We respect and cherish this right of anonymity, as such we do not allow the public to download the photos for public use.

If you want to contribute a family picture and want to see it placed here in the photo section Email the webmaster and we'll put it here as soon as we get it !! All Photos we receive will be put in the Archives section. As it is almost impossible to delete photos that have been submited to a server, all contributions are final. Thanks for your contributions and Oh yes do bookmark this page and come back to visit soon !!























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More Photos to come soon email us now to send your photos to us you can Email the Webmaster and submit your old or new Peranakan Family photos and we'll put it up in the above galleries as soon as we receive it ! To view more pictures like the ones above join the following Online Groups : if you are a collector & would like to view nonya antique photos go to Both these groups are merely affiliates of The Peranakan Resource Library, we do do not own or maintain these websites as they are owned by other individuals.


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