The Peranakan Resource Library is a worldwide initiative with collaboration from both Young & Old Peranakans alike. It was set up in January 2003 and launched in June 2003 to much eargerly awaited anticipation. The Concept of an Online Peranakan Library has been long overdue as most Peranakan sites have been inefficient in incalcating a sense of belonging to the wider Peranakan Community worldwide. The Peranakan Resource Library was started to record the old traditions and aspects of the culture that is not practiced at this point of time in the form of an online electronic library. Of great concern was the rapid desolution and decline of knowledge on Peranakan language, traditions and culture amongst the younger generation.

As Peranakan Culture is on the wane especially amongst the younger generation, a reversal needs to take place, a reversal that will help sustain the younger generation of Peranakans well into the future. The Peranakan Resource Library aims to help in this reversal, our main objective is to revive the identity of young Peranakans & overseas Peranakans to make them more educated and informed on their own long lost culture. It is hoped that this online resource library will help you understand and enlighten you on the culture of our ancestors. Due to the rapid pace of deculturisation of the Peranakan Community as a whole, The Peranakan Resource Library plays an important part in informing & educating fellow Peranakans who are interested to know more about their own culture.

The Peranakan Resource Library also aims to act as a unifying conduit for the Peranakan communities of Asia and of the West. As many thousands of Peranakans have immigrated from the birthplace of their forefathers and are not raised or surrounded by Peranakan culture in any way, this Online Library will at least help to get them more interested and in touch with their roots. We have as of late received many contributions from Peranakans in both the West and in Asia.



Anyone can be a contributor to this online Library all you need to do is send in your contributions to us and we'll store your articles or photos for prosterity for all to see. Without your contributions this website will not be possible at all. You can contribute articles on Peranakan culture & traditions in days gone by, the various pantangs of old, lesson plans on Baba Malay, tasty nonya recipes, how your family practices the culture, feelings and opinions of being a Peranakan, your favourite nonya antique shops, restaurants, the latest happenings and trends in the community, events and gatherings, research you have done for a school project, old and new family photos in traditional Peranakan attire, etc, to put it plainly you can send us anything related to Peranakan Culture - You can send us your contributions by clicking: Email the Webmaster


Anyone can become an affiliate of the Peranakan Resource Library. All you need to do is advertise our website on your website. We in turn will return the favour and advertise your webpage url on our website. If you would like to become an affiliate of The Peranakan Resource Library please email us with the heading : "Affiliate Membership" We will get back to you in due course and will add your website to our Links section. Note : (Your website will only be added after our administrators ensure that a link to our website has been placed in reality) Email the Webmaster now if you would like to be an affiliate member.


As we have a team of talented and dedicated writers on our team, no part of their work may be copied into other websites. As such our work is Copyrighted. All Pages in our website with the exclusion of The Archives and Photo Gallery section are Copyrighted to deter members of the public from duplicating or copying our work. In the case of breach of Infringement & of Copyright an alert box will be activated once the right hand mouse button is clicked. Contributions from members of the public will be copyrighted as well as they are the personal work of individuals who have the right to privacy, all Contributions will be stored in our archives section.

All Contributors to The Peranakan Resource Library will be kept anonymous. It is our policy to cherish individual right and freedom of anonymity. As such no names will be attached to the Contributions. Intials will however on occassion be used. All submissions and contributions to us are final, we do not remove, delete or return any of the contributions forwarded to us in our website. We also do not guarantee the availability of our website 24 hours a day due to incompentencies of the server we use or because of other unforeseen circumstances.


Our Email Account is manned by our own Email Administrators from all over the world. Currently we have a few Email Administrators manning our email account. They do not use their personal or actual names when corresponding. Only numerical digits such as Email Admin #1 are used. This is done to prevent vital personal information from being acquired in the event that malicious persons of intent such as hackers are present. We also do not guarantee prompt replies as our email admnistrators might not be able to assist you immediately.


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