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Hello & Welcome to the archives page !! As the name suggests this page will be where archived documents, family stories, historical records, opinions on Peranakan culture and your contributions will be stored. Contributions from the general public in the form of family historical records, stories, old and new family pictures, recipes and the like will be archived here for the general public. Contributions to the Peranakan Resource Library is very welcomed, and the information given will be stored here or in other parts of the website. P.S: Once a contribution has been uploaded here, it cannot be easily deleted. Therefore contributions to the Peranakan Resource Library are final. All the below contributions have been submited by the writers themselves or contributed by other people who came across the article. So if you see your article, thanks so much for it , someone has already selected it & contributed it for you. All names that come with all contributions will be deleted as we cherish your personal privacy with much importance. All articles posted here do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of all Peranakans, they reflect only individual opinions.

The Archive section is divided into 8 parts, each catering to a different aspect. In [Thoughts] contributors tell you what they feel about being Peranakan, how they view Peranakan identity. In [Reflections] contributors tell how Peranakan culture of old was like, their opinions on the future of Peranakan culture, tell you about the pantangs of old and about what their parents or grandparents used to practice in their family. In [Pantuns] contributors will give excerpts of Peranakan pantun they have composed or taken from other sources. In [Baba Malay] contributors will give you examples of how baba malay is spoken and used. In [recipes] fellow nonyas & babas will post their favourite family nonya recipes. In [Research] an indepth analysis of the various aspects of Peranakan culture will be given by contributors.In [Pantangs] contributors will list the various pantangs practiced by the nonyas of old. In [Personalities] contributors share their write ups on notable and well renowned Peranakans of the past & present. In [Audio] You get to view Videos & Audios on Peranakan Culture. If you would like to contribute an article, story, feelings, thoughts, of idenity, recipes, pictures or anything else related to Peranakan culture then Email the Webmaster now and we'll store your contributions here in the archives!!


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