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The below Lesson plans have been submited to us by anonymous contributors. If you would like to come up with a similar lesson plan please email us. You can find our email address at the end of this page. Baba Malay is actually quite easy when compared to Mandarin or other Chinese dialects. This study guide below is actually normal everyday sentences used in everyday conversation . Its written in a friendly easy to read format. If you would really like to learn more, take up a course in malay or indonesian and when youre done with it, go back and ask your parents, relatives or grandparents for help in pronouncing the words in the Baba Patois. We hope that it will help all of you young babas and nonyas in learning baba malay:



Gua - me in hokkien it is Wa (Gua tak mo pi - I dont want to go there)

Dia - Him or Her (Dia banyak kek sim mia orang - she is such a problematic person)

Lu - You in hokkien it is Leh ( Lu dah makan tak ah - have you eaten yet)



Ejo or Ijo = Green (pokok tu banyak Ijo -that tree is very green)

Itam = Black (Kuching banyak itam - that cat is very balck)

Kuning = Yellow (nasi kunyit banyak kuning - yellow rice is very yellow)

Biro - Blue (laut banyak biro - the sea is very crystal blue)

Merah - Red (orang baba banyak suka merah - Babas like the color Red)

Coklat - Brown (almeriah tu banyak coklat - that cupboard is very brown)

Puteh - White (dia mia kebaya banyak puteh - her kebaya is very white)



Dulukala - yesteryear

tempo hari - yesterday

makan - eat (Gua mo makan - I want to eat)

minom - drink (Gua mo minom - I want to drink)

waktu - time (Lu dah lambat waktu tak ah jalan kah - Its late youd better go)

anak - child (Dia mia anak baru lahir - Her child was just born)

jaga baek - take care ( Lu nanti pi luar jaga baek - take care when you go out)

iri hati - jealous (Dia banyak iri hati sama Gua - He is very jealous of me)

Jeu meja or lap meja - clean the table (Habis makan jeu meja baek baek)

Sedap - delicous (masak banyak sedap - cook with much taste okay)

kejam - harsh (Dia mia mak banyak kejam - Her mother is very fierce)

Hitong duit - calculative ( Dia mia bini slalu hitong duit - His wife is very money faced)

semak - no use ( buat semak saja - no use in that, throw it away)

sakit hati - heart broken (Dia dah sakit hati tau - She has is very heart broken)



Kerosang - 3 pinned brooch made out of silver or gold with diamonds or pearls

rambot sanggol - nonya hair do with pins

chocok sanggol - hair pins made of gold, sliver or precious stones

tali pinggang - belt used for the sarong kebaya

kasot manek - beaded slippers

baju lok chuan or baju Batik - Peranakan Male Costume

sarong kebaya or baju panjang - Peranakan Female Costume

bakol - Peranakan red or gold basket

almeirah or tok kacha - antique Peranakan cupboard

mangkok shanghai - nonya porcelain

tok panjang - long table sued for Peranakan buffets and special occasions

perak - silverware

mangkok datok - blue nad white porcelain used for ancestor worship

emas sepulo - fine 24 carat gold (pure gold)



Satu - 1 Hari Satu - Day One

Dua - 2 Hari Dua - Second Day

Tiga - 3 Hari Tiga - Third Day

Ampat - 4 Hari Ampat - Fourth Day

Lima - 5 Hari Lima - Fifth Day

Anam - 6 hari Anam - Sixth Day

Tujo - 7 Hari Tujo - Seventh Day

lapan - 8 sembilan - 9 sepuloh - 10



Gua mo makan dah banyak lapar - I want to eat now im starving

toksa or tak payah - dont need to or dont have to

Apa Macham or Apasal - How come, How are you, why not?

Gua banyak suka makan ayam buah keluak - I love eating buah keluak

Wah bau sedap!! Mama lagi masak apa? - wow it smells real nice, what are you cooking grandma?

Jangan gitu macham - Dont behave or be like that dah chukup - enough already

Ala dah pandai ah - Oh so youre a know it all arent you

Gua mo keluar makan angin - I would like to go out now

Mak, Bapak Apa Macham - Mum, Dad How are you guys doing?

Mak, Bapak Gua dah balek - Mum, Dad Im home

Nonya banyak cantek hari ni tau - Hey Nonya youre looking gorgeous today (no pun intended)

Bibik apa kabar? - How you doing Bibik?

Dulukala kalo pi tengok si mak besar harus sojar tau - Ages ago if you went to see your great grandma you had to greet her with the sojar

Mama dah makan tak? - Grandma have you eaten yet?

Gua tak napsu - I dont feel like it or I dont want to

Kam siah banyak banyak - Thanks a lot!!

Jangan banyak paiseh lah - Oh no dont be shy at all okay!!

Wah perot Gua dah banyak kembung tau, tak boleh makan lagi tau - Oh my I'm so full I dont think i'll be able to eat anymore.

Alamak!! Betol Chilaka Tau ! Apasal ini boleh jadi - How could this happen or how could it be!!

Dah lama tak jumpa = We havent seen each other for so long

Gua dah lambat pi greja - Its too late for me to go to church now

Sekarang dah jam brapa?? Alamak Gua dah lambat ni!! Chilaka Yau Swee!!!! - What time is it now?? Oh no Im late already!! Chilaka Yau Swee is like a swear word so its better not to say it at all!! Lollz

Eh wahh Lu banyak kaypoh ah!! - Oh my youre such a busy body arent you!!

Mak, Bapak mo makan apa kat sini? - Mum, Dad what do you want to eat here?

Keras macham batu - Hard as a rock isnt it

Keras kepala - stubborn as a mule (itmeans hard headed in english) direct translation

Dah lama tunggu si Andrew tapi dia tak datang datang - Ive been waiting for ages for Andrew but he hasnt seemed to arrive yet

Wahh Gua punya kawan semua dah mo kawin - Seems like all my friends are getting married one by one!! Lolzzz what a joke isnt it??

Gua banyak kesal tau - Im extremely frustrated you know

Gua tiap malam pun masuk dalam irc apa - Im over in the irc every night you know

Wahh hari ni banyak panas, bikin suey saja - Its such an unlucky day today its extremely hot

Hey nanti mo pi Starbucks minum cafe latte tak ah? - Hey would you like to go to Starbucks for a cafe latte after this?

Gua punya Mak lagi marah keras tu - My mum is fuming mad today

Gua baru kena maki tau - Ive just been horribly scolded

Jangan bikin si babesar marah nanti lu kena baru rasa - Dont let elder brother scold you or youll regret it

Hey hari ni banyak suey tau - Its such an unlucky day for me today, everything seems to go wrong

Hey jangan macham macham ah - Hey dont go overboard here

Hey man jangan marah kesal okay - Hey man dont get so fed up okay

Wahhh ah eee bawak kueh koh swee dia punya kueh banyak sedap tau - Oh wow Ah Eee 's brought kueh koh swee today, her cakes are extremely delicious you know

Hey jangan bikin kacau ah - Hey dont mess things up okay

Ala baba tu, dia tak tau rapi, kotor macham babi - You know that guy there? He's real gross, as gross as a pig! (lolzz this is meant as a joke, no pun intended)

Dah muda dah dating, dah tua nanti divorce baru tau - ( I learnt this from my tua ee ) its a figure of speech it means : So young and youre dating ( playing around and all ) when youre older dont be surprised if youre divorced!@! Lolzzz funny isnt it

Budak tu banyak nakal tak pernah dengar nasihat orang - That kid over there is real wild he wont listen to any advice at all

Si tachi tu tak pernah dengar orang - You know older Sis she never does listen to anyone

Gua tak dah barang mo chakap - I dont have anything further to say at all (usually said when one is frustrated or angry)

Gua tak tau mo chakap apa - Im so shocked that Im speechless

Gua banyak penat lah tak dah strength mo pi clubbing - Im extremely exhausted that I dont have the strength to go clubbing at all

Wahhh tengok tu si Babe dia banyak sexy tau - Whoa! Check out that babe aint she real sexy? (im not being sexist here, girls if u want just substitute the babe for hunk okays)

Hey Lu budak ka apa?? - Hey u deaf or something? usually said when the person beside you is totally clueless as to what you are saying. Kinda sarcastic huh??

Betul kah - Are you for real?? Is that true or is that so?? Ya kah - u dont say

tak mo - I dont want to or i dont want that

Bachik - younger brother Babesar - Eldest brother

Mak - Mum Bapak - Dad



Here are a few simple chinese new year greetings in baba malay. Do ask someone in your family to help you pronounce it in its proper tone and accent:

Mama Selamat Tahon Baru Cina, Semoga panjang panjang umor dan sehat selalu - Grandma Happy Chinese New Year, Hope that you have a long and healthy life ahead. If you want just substitute "Mama" for Kong Kong, Chek Kong, Tua Ee, Ah Ee, Ee Poh or whatever

Gong Si Gong Si Gong Si ni kasih angpau keluar taruk dalam tangan - Gong Xi Gong Xi Gong Xi ni please put the angpau in my hand now!! usually meant as a joke!!lolzz funny huh

Mak Bapak kamsiah banyak banyak untuk angpau - Mum Dad thanks for the angpau

Mak, Bapak smoga panjang panjang umor dan selalu makmor dan selalu sehat. Smoga Tuhan berkati Lu berdua selama lamanya - Mum, Dad here's wishing you a long life with much happiness and health always. And May the Good Lord bless you forever more.

Selamat Tahon Baru Cina semua - Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!

Wahhh kueh mueh semua banyak sedap tiap tahun pun sedap - Oh wow the cakes just taste so delicious, in fact theyre delicious every year

Chek Kong Apa Macham or Apa Kabar - Grand Uncle how are you doing? If u want just substitute Chek Kong for Mama, Ah Ee or whomever

Dah lama tak jumpa apa macham - I havent seen you in a long time how you doing?

Tahun ni dah dapat banyak angpau tak ah - Have u got lots of angpau this year?? usually used amongst cousins, friends, siblings etc.


The above lesson plans have been submited to us by generous contributors, We would like to expand this database so please contribute freely as well. Thanks for your generous contributions ! Please Help make this Peranakan Resource Library the only archived library for Peranakans all over the world ! If you would like to contribute an article or lesson plan on baba malay then Email the Webmaster now and we'll store your contributions here in the archives!! Thanks for visiting us !


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