Hello There & A very Big Welcome to the website !! This website aims to serve as a resource library of all things Peranakan right here under one roof !! Our aim is to help researchers, students, teachers, teenagers and youths of Straits Chinese parentage and anyone interested in Peranakan Culture to gain more insight and knowledge into this wonderful and unique culture that we are proud to have. This site also aims to incalcate the feelings of being a modern Peranakan but retaining some aspects of Straits Chinese culture in the 21st century and beyond. Please leave your speakers on as there is background music.

There will be Peranakan related articles, archives on peranakan culture & language, cultural artefacts in the form of pictures, old peranakan photos, antique & heirloom photos,nonya silverware, porcelian, furniture, decorative arts, beadwork, a wide range of pantuns, a crash course on Baba Malay for beginners, a list of Peranakan related restaurants, antique shops, museums and the latest Peranakan activities happening right here in Singapore and in the region.The topics related to Peranakan Culture both in tradition and material can be found beolow. Feel free to browse through all the categories!! Please wait for the pictures in the webpages to load. They may take a while as this site is graphically intensive. All the links to the below mentioned topics are to be found at the bottom of this page. The categories are as follows:

[Origins] - This pages gives you a brief historical account of how we came to be, the origins of the word Peranakan & the true meaning of what baba & nonya really is. [Language] - we tell you what baba malay is, how it came about and there are lessons on baba malay for beginners as well, you can also contribute lesson plans in baba malay for all to see and learn !!

[Dress] - This page shows you the evolution of the sarung kebaya and the baju panjang. It also contains many beautiful pictures of kebayas. [Handicraft] - we explore how nonya beading and embroidery is done. It is a very detailed account & has many pictures of nonya embroidery

[Food] - There will be short introduction on nonya cooking, its influences from different cultures and nonya cake making. [Heirlooms] - This page shows you the variety of old family heirlooms and a breif account on nonya silverware, porcelain, jewelry and furniture.

[Celebrations] - This page gives you a very detailed account of old baba weddings and festivals of old. [Homes] - this page shows you the general layout and different living areas of an old Peranakan Home in the 19th Century. It also contains many pictures of old homes

[Entertainment] - this page gives you an account of Peranakan entertainment such as pantuns, dondang sayang, joget & the ever popular Peranakan Wayang in this day & age. [Decline] - This page explores the decline of Peranakan culture and its effects on the entire community till this very day

[Relevance] - This page shows you how relevant Peranakan culture can be in the modern world !! It shows you how you can incorporate aspects of the old culture into your lifestyle.It also shows you how you can do so. [Future] - Talks about the future of Peranakan Culture, you can also tell us what you think about this and we'll post it here for prosterity !

[Peranakan Message Board] - This link brings you to the only Peranakan Message Board for anything & everything Peranakan. You can meet Perankans form the world over. Freedom of speech and free opinion is enshrined here, but of course no cursing or swearing is tolerated [Gallery] - This online Gallery has a vast collection of Peranakan Photos ranging from both old and recent modern day photos. You can also send your photos to us and we'll put it in here for all to see !!

[Archives] - This link brings you to the various Peranakan related doucments & artcles by our contributors. Your contributions to us will be placed here [Links] - This link brings you to a directory listing of online peranakan clubs, peranakan restaurants & antique shops

[Essays] - as the name suggests this link takes you to Library archives and interviews on Peranakan Society & Culture [Guestbook] - Dont forget to send us your comments and suggestions in the guestbook. [Site Features] - This is a recently added feature of the website. You can view monthly Editorials on Peranakan Culture, Subscribe to our monthly newsletter & send your email contributions to us.

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